What Is It?

What are the benefits of using the NuYu system?

Everyone knows when you focus your concentration and remove distractions it's easier to learn new things. The NuYu visor and its custom audio programming do just that. Together they focus your mind and shut out distractions. After each session you should feel relaxed and refreshed. In a few days you should start hearing, spontaneously in your mind, some of the suggestions you hear on the NuYu programs. Soon you'll become aware that your thoughts are changing.

What will I see?

Because you must keep your eyes closed when using the NuYu visor, what you'll see is just the color red showing through your closed eye lids. It's very much like laying on the beach with your eyes closed. Depending on how deeply relaxed you become, you may see geometric shapes and patterns. These shapes and patterns are you mind's attempt to interpret the NuYu visor's lights. Exactly what you may see depends on the emotions you are experiencing at the moment.

What should I expect in the first 30 days?

Everyone is different, but typically in a few days you may start hearing, spontaneously in your mind, some of the suggestions you have heard on the NuYu program you are using. This is because the suggestions have entered your conscious awareness. Over the next few weeks as you reinforce the suggestions each day by using the NuYu , these suggestions will be subsumed or pushed down into your subconscious mind. It's then that the suggestions become part of your subconscious thoughts and your behavior starts to change.

Remember the behavior creating cycle. You Feel > You Think > You Act > You Form Habits = Behavior.

Are the suggestions safe?

Because these suggestions become a permanent part of your behavior cycle, the NuYu system never uses subliminal ideas or messages. You must personally decide whether or not you want the suggestions to influence your behavior and become a permanent part of who you are. That's why we make the suggestions very general in nature since each of us has our own intrinsic idea of what it means to be, for example, prosperous and successful or relaxed. We don't try to and we don't want to change your inner self.

How will I know it's working?

The changes you experience may be profound or subtle depending on which program you are using. People usually notice apparent changes in the first few days if they are using the End Procrastination program. You may at first, in your mind, hear you tell yourself "I get the job done" or "I finish what I start" or "I always complete tasks". You may notice your behavior starting to change with an urge to do things you've been putting off doing, or you may find yourself re-prioritizing your life to get more done.

The Prosperous and Successful program is more subtle. You'll still have the experience of first hearing the suggestions in your mind as they drift into your subconscious. But because each of us have our own core definition of what it means to be prosperous and successful, each person's experience is different. Some people realize that they are seeing and taking advantage of opportunities for more material success. Others may notice their inter-personal relationships improving. Still others may find a sense of peace and satisfaction with life that they've always wanted. It's subtle but over time it's noticeable and real. It could even start as a small change in your appearance or how you spend your money.

What exactly are the NuYu lights doing?

The NuYu lights help you change your state of consciousness so you become open to new suggestions and ideas. Each self-hypnosis program contains a scientifically designed pattern of light and sound. The light varies in intensity, how fast they flash and whether or not the light in right and left eye are in sync.

The first 5 minutes of each approximately 30-minute hypnosis program uses a flash rate, intensity and synchronization that is designed to help you go from an alert low beta state to a relaxed alpha state. The alpha state then descends into a low theta state where you are most receptive to suggestions and new ideas. Each program is designed to help you stay in this low theta state. During the last 5 minutes the NuYu lights gradually and gently take you back to alpha and low beta. To learn more, go to  THE SCIENCE PAGE.

The non-hypnosis programs use totally different light patterns and sounds designed for what we consider optimal for each. Which ones you like or dislike is strictly a matter of personal taste. The non-hypnosis programs are not designed to influence behavior.

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