I purchased one of your MindTech systems and the ‘Slim Person’ program. I am writing to tell you I am approximately 80 pounds lighter! It works! You helped me find that ‘Magic Pill’ all overweight people are looking for, and it isn’t even a pill. You have helped me change my life. Thank you.

Susan R.* / Los Angeles, CA

After using the MindTech system to eliminate procrastination I literally accomplished more in a day than I had previously in a week. This system is hot! This system works!

J.B.S.* / Ashland, OR

This product is a bargain at twice the price. The results I have derived using the MindTech system to date are nothing less than phenomenal. My goals are much clearer. Getting out of bed and facing each day is no longer drudgery but a joy – and I look forward to the future to keep improving and fine tuning with the help of this amazing little device. The company also has provided excellent customer service across the board.

Barry C.* / Zanesville, OH

The money I spent for my MindTech system was the best money I ever spent! I started off with the ‘Successful and Prosperous’ program; before my 30 days were up I had received a raise and an improved bonus plan. I see the true genius behind MindTech’s software – concepts are expanded and reinforced so you can indeed feel better, do better and be better every day!

Sheila R.* / Zanesville, OH

I must say that I’ve been using MindTech’s ‘Healing’ program for about three weeks and have had dramatic results in my health. I’ve been sick for three years and feel better than I have in years. Thank you so very much for this technology.

Brenda P.* / Madison, WI

I bought my MindTech system and have used the ‘Relaxed and Stress-Free’ program. Having been through a fire, an earthquake, and as of today a mudslide, I feel that I can handle anything. I shudder to think of how I would have coped without it. The MindTech system creates a safe oasis in a stressful world. Thank God for it. I can’t imagine going through life without it.

Tom W.* / Malibu, CA

Of the programs I listened to, ‘Self-Assured and Confident’ was my favorite. I slept great and awoke feeling better about myself. I noticed a profound improvement in my self-esteem after using it every night for thirty days. This program is effective and safe. I’m a living testimonial; you won’t be disappointed.

Sherri M.* / San Francisco, CA

I’m writing to you in reference to your MindTech system that I purchased several months ago. I find the ’15 Minute Break’ to be beneficial. I feel like I’ve had a one to two hour nap. Also I am especially fond of ‘Earth Mother,’ with it I get into a very mental/creative mind state, and the effect lasts for hours. All in all, I am impressed.

Curt K.* / Anaheim, CA

The MindTech system proved to be something special the first time I used it. The powerful combination of the visual patterns and the sound was like a hypnotic trance that had me believing I was floating in the air. This deep state of calming relaxation goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I cannot thank you enough.

Philip B.*

I love my MindTech system! I’m less stressed, feel more intelligent, sleep better, think clearer and deal with life’s little and large nuisances a whole lot better. These programs work. Thank you, MindTech, for changing my life.

Don M.* / Monrovia, CA

To say that I am delighted with your program is putting it mildly. I am a graduate of Silva Mind Control and studied meditation with a lovely gentleman named Vetheriri from India. I have also done a lot of work with Louise Hay’s programs. So all that you are doing is quite familiar to me, but I feel that you have taken all I have learned a step further with the MindTech system and therefore made it very effective.

Margaret C.* / Northdale, NJ

I see the true genius behind MindTech’s software – concepts are expanded and reinforced so you can indeed fell better, do better, and be better every day!

Sheila R.* / Zanesville, OH

I am very excited with my excellent results, due to the use of the MindTech system. I just started with ‘End Procrastination.’ In the first week I started organizing small things around the house. Within the second week I had totally organized my office filing system. I accomplish more in my business day because I no longer put things off. Seven weeks after my first program, I started ‘Success and Prosperity.’ In the third week of this program, I created a new career for myself. It was effortless. The opportunity presented itself to me while working on the job for someone else. I took action immediately. I started with giving two hours a day, four days a week, and earned $2,000 in less than a month. I highly recommend your programs to people who want positive results. I love how easy this is.

Irene M.* / Valencia, CA

I felt compelled to write and congratulate you on a fabulous product. I recently purchased your MindTech system while attending a show in L.A. After using it I found myself starting to benefit from the thirty-minute sessions. In weeks my performance started to improve dramatically. I found myself more energetic while working and also I find myself striving to be a more successful salesperson. I used to attend seminars and spent a few hundred dollars to listen to someone ‘pump me up.” Now, all I have to do is go home and listen to your tapes and get ‘pumped up every night,’ not every six months. It has helped me greatly in visualizing my goals and achieving them. I’ve started to build my business more instead of taking it ‘day by day.’ Since I’ve been using your product my income has doubled in just three months. Thank you so much for introducing me to the MindTech system. It’s changed my life. I don’t look at things as obstacles anymore, just challenges.

Sean V.* / Los Angeles, CA

I bought the MindTech system a few months ago. The first program I tried was ‘Powerful Memory.’ I was concurrently taking the Mega-Memory course by Kevin Trudeau. I would study a lesson of Mega-Memory then listen to MindTech’s ‘Powerful Memory.’ I really enjoyed that program because it kept me motivated and helped me feel confident that I did have a powerful memory. I have since finished the Mega-Memory course, but I still occasionally listen to the ‘Powerful Memory’ program to keep myself motivated and to apply the techniques I learned in the course. I don’t think I will ever get tired of that program. Thank you, MindTech, for a great product.

Kenneth L.* / San Lorenzo, CA

The MindTech system proved to be something special the first time I used it. The powerful combination of the visual patterns and the sound induced a hypnotic trance that had me believing I was floating in the air. This deep state of calming relaxation goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined. With this system, I’m in my own personal world, detached from reality. And no, I wasn’t using drugs while using the MindTech system either. My two favorite programs are the self-confidence and weight-loss programs. I listened to them every day for about three months. I lost twenty pounds and have kept them off. My newest addiction is exercise. I run around a seven-mile course once a week and take martial arts classes three times per week. I hate dieting and so I don’t count calories or apply willpower at the meal table. I cannot thank you enough.

Phillip B.* / APO

I had been using the system with the ‘Slim Person’ program for only three days and already noticed a difference in my behavior. At the time my weakness was ice cream and doughnut holes. I was so out of control I could drive to the store with my eyes closed. I would consume one to two pints of ice cream in two days. In a time frame of four years, I went from a size 12 to a 20. Now here is the good news. It is now six weeks since I first started with the program. I have not purchased ice cream since. My craving for fruits and vegetables is never really satisfied. I now enjoy a very low fat diet. The best thing is that I was not trying to change my diet – it just happened. I really can’t explain how this happened, but I am very happy that it did.

Rhonda L.* / Riverside, CA

I ordered the MindTech system about six months ago and was really focused on losing some weight. I have a lot of stress in my life and tend to eat to feel better. I’ve tried every diet and lost the same sixty-five pounds about four times! I tried the ‘Slim Person’ program for 30 days in a row at night before I went to sleep. It was wonderful. My eating habits are much different now. I seem to eat healthy and have more energy and truly feel better. I went from 195 lbs to 174 lbs from February to the end of May. I’m 5’3” and still have a ways to go. But I gravitate to low fat foods and don’t seem to think about food so much.

Marci R.* / Hanson, MA

My ‘Slim Person’ program is working beautifully. Have been using for only six nights and feel a marvelous change. It’s worth every dollar.

Dorothy A.* / Alpine, TX

I sat up in bed one night with a painful toothache and tried ‘The Healing Place’ program and soon went to sleep and the pain stopped. Works for me!

Larry M.* / Glendora, CA

I will recommend this machine to anyone who asks about it. I used it before I ran the L.A. Marathon. Usually I train before I run and this was the second time that I ran a marathon without training. The first time I had major problems and major head games during the whole race, a lot of negative thoughts. The day before I ran, I used the MindTech system, which gave me enough power to run non-stop for sixteen miles with no head games and no negative thoughts. When I finished the marathon, I finished strong and no negative thoughts. I really love this machine because I know by using it I will make my goal and my dreams by being in the Olympics.

Donald S.* / Riverside, CA

Of the six programs I listened to, ‘Self-Assured and Confident’ was my favorite. Playing it before bed was very effective. I slept great and awoke feeling better about myself. I noticed a profound improvement in my self-esteem after using it every night for 30 days. After the 30 continuous days used, I play the program as needed on days when I need more confidence. This program is effective and safe. I’m a living testimonial – you won’t be disappointed.

Sherri M.* / San Francisco, CA

I used the self-confidence program and could definitely see results within a couple of weeks. It’s having a noticeable effect in my life.

Ken L.* / San Francisco, CA

I purchased the MindTech system in April. Your sales associate assured me the system would change my life if used as directed. Reluctantly I purchased the unit (still very skeptical). The first program I tried was the ‘Non-Smoker’ program. I have smoked two to three packs a day for forty years. Two weeks into the program my smoking had already slowed down and by the end of the 30-day program I QUIT SMOKING FOREVER! No withdrawals, no nervousness, no weight gain, and no loss of sleep. I feel great. It’s great to wake up in the morning without coughing.

Clayton T.* / Napa, CA

I am writing to you in reference to your MindTech system that I purchased several months ago. Your machine impressed me when I first saw it. I have been looking at these devices for several years, but their high initial cost and difficulty in programming has made me hold off on purchasing one, until now. I find the ’15 Minute Break’ to be beneficial, giving me the equivalent of a 1-2 hour nap. I am especially fond of ‘Earth Mother.’ It puts me in a very mental/creative mind state and the effect lasts for hours. All in all, I am impressed with the unit with its low cost and with its effectiveness.

Curt S.* / Anaheim, CA

The male voice sounds very soothing with a paternal nature. It projects a profound sense of love, nurturing and trustworthiness, which seems to compel the mind to accept the suggestions and affirmations that are spoken on the program. I recently purchased the MindTech system with the program to overcome procrastination. I have used the program for four days. I do see a change in myself. Now, rather than thinking about prioritizing, I just complete one task at a time and continue on to the next one until everything gets done.

Shadijah M.* / El Cerrito, CA

I already had a large collection of self-help cassettes when I purchased your system. I realized this was a new approach and very unique to what I’ve seen. I probably have ten programs on procrastination alone, but when I used yours all I could think was, ‘WOW!’ The lights in the glasses kept my attention focused on the program content. Your system is an “experience” – the best one I have used, bar none.

Carol S.* / Hays, KS

I found that after using the ‘Procrastination’ program for about three weeks, I was repeating some of the phrases from the audio track to the people I work with. I did this as a reflex but it was very beneficial.

John M.* / San Francisco, CA

I have suffered from insomnia for many years, to the point where it has interfered with my ability to enjoy my daytime activities – probably one of the causes of my anxiety and depression. Since receiving my MindTech system I have used it almost every night. I look forward to the experience of the lights and the marvelous peaceful voice on the program. As time went by, I rarely get to hear and see ten minutes before I have fallen asleep – I use the ‘To Sleep’ program and on some occasions the relaxation one. It’s just great, and fun too! I have tried many things before and nothing has given me what the MindTech system does. I’m very satisfied that this is a very worthwhile product. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lee T.* / San Diego, CA

Diets are surely not the answer for everyone for weight loss. It hasn’t been for me. You suggested I try your weight loss program with its completely different approach, changing one’s desires in eating. When I tried it, I was delighted to find that it was effective for me. Within three weeks I had lost seventeen pounds! And that was without any special effort to control my eating. I just didn’t want to eat ‘weight building’ foods. It was easy to bypass little ‘snitches of food’ between meals. It really worked for me. I would encourage anyone who has had an unsuccessful bout with diets, or anyone who is even thinking about going that route, to give your program a try.

Jean E.* / North Hills, CA

Since using the ‘I’m a Slim Person’ program I have noticed a few major changes. First of all, I am no longer obsessed with eating. In the past I have been very conscious of meal times. It was almost as if the clock would tell me I had to eat instead of my stomach. Now I seem more aware of my natural hunger patterns and I am able to eat only when I am hungry, and to stop before that second helping which I really don’t require. I have also noticed that foods I used to crave, like chocolate, no longer seem appealing to me. In fact, even though I have been going through some very stressful things in my life, I have not turned to food for comfort as I would have in the past. Thank you so very much for your wonderful product!

Heidi F.* / Hollywood, CA

I would like to commend you on a wonderful product. I know instinctively that this is the tool I’ve been looking for. Both my husband and myself are using it and looking forward to a changed future.

Sandra C.* / Talmadge, CA

Thank you for your help on the phone the other day. I was impressed with the way you handled my call. My wife and I use our system on a regular basis and I know that it helps us to better ‘see’ the world.

George M.* / Laguna Nigel, CA

I have been very happy with your MindTech system and the programs I have received. Both my husband and I have had many hours of pleasure using it. I would also like to thank your staff for being most courteous and helpful on the phone.

Patricia S.* / Hampton Bays, NY

I have owned my MindTech system now for about six months. Eliminating old messages, negative programming, and bad feelings about past events are just some of the benefits I have received in using your system. I now feel calmer, more relaxed, and less preoccupied with things that were very bothersome in the past. While some of these messages still remain, I believe that with continued everyday usage I will reap benefits that will be dramatic. I look forward to achieving great results with the MindTech system and will, without hesitation, recommend it to anyone.

Dan S.* / Emeryville, CA

I purchased the MindTech system and have been using the ‘I am Prosperous and Successful’ program. I have been playing it for some time now and the change that has begun in me is really dramatic. Whenever I have a limiting thought such as ‘I don’t deserve this’ or ‘I can’t do this’ or any thoughts of self-denial, I hear the voice from the program chime in at that moment to counter the negative thought. This particular program seems to counteract all the blocks there may be to being prosperous and successful – especially for me. I believe the MindTech program to be the best prosperity program that I have ever encountered and the most balanced and thorough, covering all aspects necessary. I love it and highly recommend it!

C. L.* / Los Angeles, CA

The MindTech system is great! It’s the first non-medical product that can facilitate rapid and permanent change in habits and behavior without drugs. It uses the power of your own mind. I’ve tried it and I’m a living example of what it can do.

As a surgeon, I know that looking good and feeling good are synonymous. The MindTech system created an environment that permitted me to stay away from foods. I’ve tried many diets, and I’ve always failed. Using the MindTech system and the ‘Slim Person’ program not only brought a permanent change in my point of view about eating, but it also brought the most important thing, a change in my waist size, my coat size and the way I looked.

I realized, with just a little bit of paying attention to what I was thinking, my whole life could change. It was almost as if it were magic. All of a sudden my behavior seemed to be different; it was as though I was born with a different point of view, and I found that to be amazing.

The MindTech system is one of the best investments that you can make in yourself. If you are willing to change, you’ll change. The product will help you, but it will be you who is changing. And, you’ll change so much easier than you ever thought was possible.

I highly recommend the MindTech system. It worked for me, the Doctor.

Kurt Wagner M.D.*

The MindTech system is a remarkable product that enables you to use your mind’s natural abilities for personal growth and change. Life generates anxiety for all of us. Life can be tough. The MindTech system gives us the power to change our mental attitudes so we can feel good about ourselves. This system merges modern technology with the best principles of behavioral psychology and physiological research.

Norton Kristy*, Ph.D. Psychology

As human beings we are influenced by all the events around us and by other people. But it’s not other people who change us, we change ourselves, internally. By changing the way we think, we change our beliefs and we change our values. And from those changes in our thinking, we have behavioral changes; then the world around us changes.

The MindTech system creates an environment where the person is able to go into a very calm, relaxed learning state. The information that’s provided on the recorded programs are more easily assimilated and become learned at a very deep level so that you take this information and make changes in your behavior and become the person that you really want to be.

With the MindTech system, you are able to change your thinking and change the behaviors that you don’t care for, so you can become the person you want to be and still be the person you know and love.

Sonny Lawrence*, M.D., Ph.D. Psychiatry

*These are real testimonials from users of our first generation system the Mindtech2000. Your experience may not be the same. See RETURNS & WARRANTY.