How It Works

The NuYu visor uses rhythmic flashing lights and audio programming to create a state of heightened awareness. In this state, you are hyper-receptive to new ideas and suggestions. The NuYu creates an optimal environment for you to accept new ideas about yourself. It’s like super-charged learning! Use it for 30 minutes a day for 30 days – that’s all it takes for lasting personal transformation.

Is this Hypnosis?

People have been arguing for over two hundred years whether or not there is such a thing as a hypnotic state.  We have always believed what our founders, Tye Rubins and Cristina Notti, learned when they were hypnotherapist certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis is simply nothing more than allowing yourself to accept suggestions.

Contrary to what you read or see in the movies, you are always in control and will not do anything you don’t want to do.  If you have ever seen a hypnotist perform you probably thought the audience participants were under the complete control of the hypnotist, and the hypnotist could make them do and say just about anything even if that were acting like a chicken. In reality, the hypnotist, during his warm up routine, is searching the audience for people he thinks will be willing participants. You can’t be hypnotized unless you want to be.

If, right now, you want to experience what being hypnotized feels like just close your eyes and open your eyes.  That’s it.  Of course, if you hear the same the suggestions over and over again you do start to believe them. Entering a trance-like state depends on how relaxed you are, whether or not there are distractions and how much you trust the person making the suggestions.

Better Than Hypnosis Because You’re in Control!

The NuYu visor uses the power of light to engage your whole mind. It focuses and concentrates your entire being. It creates a place where the only reality is the suggestions you hear.  Then the suggestions become your own thoughts and ideas.  These soon become second nature and permanently change how you think and feel.

Each program pulses the lights in the NuYu glasses at different predetermined speed and brightness.  The rhythmic light pulses create a trace-like state in the same way that the rhythmic pounding of a drum or ringing of a bell leads to higher levels of consciousness.

Meditation, Relaxation, and Pure Light & Sound

Your NuYu system is more than just for personal self-transformation. It comes with a wide variety of programs for meditation, relaxation, or just for fun. The meditation programs combine sounds of nature, music, or bells to create a deep sense of inner peace and harmony. The NuYu experience is so enjoyable that you will want to use it just to relax or to help you sleep.

The pure light and sound programs use extremely complex soundscapes combined with equally complex light patterns. These are designed to exercise and open your mind as well as entertain you with visual and auditory worlds that are the pure creation of your imagination.

No Programming Required!

The NuYu is simple and easy-to-use.  Simply put on the NuYu visor, press play on your smartphone and sit back and relax. That’s all it takes!

For Best Results With Self-Improvement Programs

• Use only one self-improvement at a time daily for 30 days.  Studies have shown that 30 days of repeating any behavior is all it could take to form a new habit.  After 30 days of continuous use of the same program, the suggestions could become a permanent part of your subconscious self-talk.
• Take a 14 day break between self-improvement programs.  This will allow quiet time for your mind so the prior 30 days of repeated suggestions can “soak in.”  Starting another program too soon may confuse the messages and suggestions with one another.
• Use the NuYu right before going to sleep for the night.  After use, go immediately to sleep. By going directly to sleep after your session, there will be no other “reality” to compete with the new “reality” just created by the suggestions and messages.
• For best results, sit up in a chair or in bed when using the NuYu.  If you are lying down when you listen to the suggestions and messages, your mind is most likely to assume that what you are hearing is a dream and not real.

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