What is the NuYu by Mindtech,Inc?

The NuYu by Mindtech,Inc. merges the best principals of behavioral psychology and neuro-physiological research with the most powerful light and sound technology. The NuYu visor pulses a patented stream of very fine micro flashes across your closed eyes. Depending on the program you're using and its internal pattern of micro flashes, your mind will create an experience that is unique to you. Use the NuYu to enhance any self-improvement audio track, use it for relaxation/meditation, or use it just for fun.

Does this really work?

Yes, we believe it does! Just read what any of the people on our Testimonials page have said. Light and sound technology has been shown to enhance and improve the effectiveness of positive ideas and suggestions. Check out our Articles page for more information. We’re so sure you will like the results that we have an unconditional, 60-day money-back guarantee.

How does this affect the mind/body connection?

The mind/body connection begins with thought. We think, we feel, we act, and we form habits. These habits, over our lifetime, make up our personalities. If we change our thoughts, our habits change, and we change.

Can I use more than one program at a time?

All of the programs except the self-improvement programs can be used at any time and you can use more than one at a time. Our experience with thousands of individuals proves that the self-improvement programs work best when used by themselves. We do not recommend using more than one self-improvement at a time. Additionally, we suggest, for best results, that you take a two-week break between self-improvement programs. DO NOT USE THE SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY EQUIPMENT.

What will I see in the glasses?

The visor is used with your eyes CLOSED. There are two small, red, flashing/blinking lights over each eye. The eye can only see shape, intensity and motion. With your eyes closed, your mind will create shapes, patterns, colors, and lines all of your own, unique making. The show will change according to the program you are using and the pre-programmed sequences of light.

Is this safe?

The NuYu's effectiveness comes from the use of flashing lights. CAUTION: Any person with any form of epilepsy, photosensitivity, or history of seizure disorders should not use it. Please read our full disclaimer.

How long has your company been in business?

The NuYu started with Brain-Storm Technologies, Inc.'s original light and sound machine, the MindTech 2000, in 1992. Around that time several patents in Transformational Technology were issued: one in 1993 and one in 1995. There are currently have several additional patents pending. See additional information on the About page.

Can I use my own programs?

Yes you can, by playing your own program while using one of the NuYu programs on your smartphone and using a separate audio playback device for your own program.  

How often can I use it?

We recommend that you use the self-improvement programs for 30 minutes before you go to sleep at night. Some people use their system in the morning and the evening. For best results, limit your use to no more than one and one half hours per day.

Will it still work if I fall asleep?

The NuYu self-improvement programs only work when you are awake. They work best if you are sitting up. You will not receive the intended benefits if you lie down or fall asleep while using any of the self-improvement programs.

Can my kids use it if the warning says - Not for use by minors?

The "Not for use by minors" warning is to discourage your children from letting their friends use your NuYu without getting their friend's or parent's approval. We recommend that children be at least 12 years of age so they fully understand the concepts presented on the self-improvement programs. Of course, all of the standard warning and cautions on use also apply to children. But, the final decision is up to the parent.

How do I know the self-improvement programs are working?

During the first two to three weeks you should hear some of the affirmations in your mind as your own spontaneous thoughts. When these become your own thoughts, your behavior will start to change. To see if you have changed after thirty days, just ask yourself how you feel about the self-improvement area you've been working on and you'll have your answer.

How long should I use it before I get results?

Depending on the program, you could expect to see results in as little as three days to a week.

How is this not like hypnosis?

Many of the NuYu self-improvement programs use words and affirmations that are similar to those used in hypnosis but we also incorporate many other techniques and approaches. The NuYu is designed to create an environment for your mind that is so intense and real that, if you go to sleep for the night after each session, your subconscious mind accepts that you've had a real experience. The kind of real experience that brings about lasting change in your thinking and behavior.

Are there any subliminal messages in any of the programs?

NO. We do not have subliminal messages in any of our programs.

How is this more powerful than just listening to CDs?

The NuYu is many times more effective than CDs because it focuses so much of your "mind power" there are no distractions at any level to interfere with the messages. The lights provide an image to your mind that is unresolveable. Because of this, your mind tries harder and harder to figure out what you’re seeing. Soon it allocates more and more of your natural mental processes to what you’re seeing and you become “hyper” focused.