NuYu: The Weight Loss Answer You've Been Waiting for?

NuYu might be the key to your weight loss problem. Two-thirds to three quarters of the U.S. population is trying to lose weight at any given time but very few are actually succeeding. 

This is in part because your mind interprets most weight loss techniques as a form of starvation making your body hold onto fat cells when you'd rather be losing weight. This phenomenon can even increase your hunger causing your body to put on more weight. 

This can make it very difficult to take off the pounds, even if you're doing it with a doctor’s advice.

Potential Risks

While the Body Mass Index isn't a perfect indicator of health, it does help identify increased risks for certain groups of people. Those who are more than about 20 pounds over what's considered a “normal” BMI weight often have a greater chance of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and other major health issues. 

Many doctors recommend a healthier diet and an increased activity level for any patients who are at elevated risk, whether they're fat or thin, but these lifestyle interventions tend to produce a more visible effect in people who were already heavy.

If you already have a health condition, a higher body weight and a lower activity level make it much more likely that you'll suffer from medical complications. This also increases the risk of getting other diseases that can interact with the original problem. 

Studies are clear that weight loss will significantly lower your risk of getting a new disease, and there's strong evidence that losing about 10 percent of your body weight can improve your health if you have diabetes, high blood pressure and other problems. 

This benefit is biggest if you do it through exercise and healthy eating, rather than through crash dieting or other extreme methods.

Making Lifestyle Changes – Can It Be Done?

Many people assume that being over weight means their lazy, regardless of their actual lifestyle. Of course, while a high body weight doesn't necessarily indicate how you live, a sedentary lifestyle with poor eating habits does tend to produce a corresponding increase in body fat. 

Not all fat people are sedentary, but the majority of sedentary people do put on weight. This is more likely if you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle as you get older. 

Unfortunately, if you're like a lot of people who want to change their ways and reduce their fat levels, however, you might discover that it's a lot more easily said than done.

Old habits get very firmly embedded, so it's very difficult to get in even 30 minutes of exercise a day or completely give up junk food. This is where the NuYu, the process of implanting a suggestion in the subconscious mind, can be a big help. 

Because the urges that keep you from making healthy choices are usually below the conscious level, they have a strong hold on you. Replacing them with the desire to stay fit and be healthier can make an enormous difference in your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Common Misconceptions

You might already have heard of using suggestion to treat conditions like tobacco addiction, alcoholism, and excess weight. If you're like many people, you probably dismissed it automatically on the basis of several common misconceptions about the power of suggestion.

  • Suggestion alone is supposed to make you lose weight – No reputable person will claim to make you thin through the power of suggestion alone. You're not going to get much benefit if you aren't already engaging in a healthy diet and exercise plan. 
  • The process can be done by almost anyone – While it is possible to learn to put you into a suggestible state on your own, that doesn't mean it's easy. You'll get the best results if you repeat the process.
  • Suggestions are dangerous – It is possible to implant a suggestion clumsily or poorly, but you can't be made to do anything outside your essential nature. While you should always seek the advice of an expert, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can't be forced into hurting yourself or giving up something important to you.

If you want to lose weight, the best option is to improve your lifestyle. Effective weight loss can be difficult to achieve, however. Consider using the power of suggestion to help you bypass the worst hurdles and move closer to your final goal.