NuYu: The Key to Curing Alcohol Abuse?

Self-suggestion is a well-understood and revolutionary alternative treatment for alcohol abuse that could make a difference even in people who've tried other techniques.

If you've ever attempted to cut down on your drinking, you probably know how difficult it can be.

Even if you don't intend to get drunk again, you may find the habit creeping back despite rehabilitation programs, counseling and your best intentions.

The Benefits of Self-Suggestion

If you find yourself heading back towards the bottle, you might feel like you've run out of options, but that's actually very far from the truth.

Learning to accept new ideas and suggestions could be the key to strengthening your mind and resolving your addiction. It has helped many people all over the world deal with similar problems, as well as their phobias, obsessions and other issues.

This technique offers a number of benefits not found in most methods used to help people stop drinking.

  • Safety – Self suggestion is a completely safe technique. That's because it's impossible for anyone to get you to do anything you don't truly want to do. You don't need to worry about accidentally implanting suggestions that are against your true nature. It's impossible.
  • Naturalness – People who are concerned about the potential side effects of drugs meant to deal with alcohol abuse will be happy to know that no chemicals are involved in the NuYu process. Its methods are natural and made to work without disrupting your thoughts or the natural balance of your mind.
  • Effectiveness – The NuYu is just a way to have a dialogue with your mind, telling yourself how to stop abusing alcohol in ways your conscious mind doesn't necessarily allow. Studies have shown that people who use self suggestion against addictions, emotional disorders and even PTSD* show reduced symptoms and have an easier time dealing with day-to day-life.

How It Works

Using the NuYu is actually a relatively simple process, though it may take a little time and practice to get it right.

The first step is to get your mind into a completely relaxed, receptive state. In this state, your unconscious mind is closer to the surface and you can easily accept suggestions to help reduce your urge to drink.

You'll start by visualizing a life free of alcohol and all its nasty side effects.

This technique can deal with more than just alcohol-seeking behavior; it can even help with some of the other reasons people drink.

For instance, self suggestion has been proven to be very effective at reducing stress and improving the ability to deal with it.

By using self suggestion to get rid of all your unnecessary mental baggage, you can decrease the negative feelings that compel you to drink. If you've tried everything else, consider the NuYu and its suggestions to help you deal with your alcohol abuse.

*PTSD (link to wikipedia)