How Suggestions Can Help You Quit Smoking

Did you know that suggestion could be an option for people who want to quit smoking?

Most people think of this method of accessing the subconscious in the context of party games or hypnotist shows. It can do more than just make you act silly in front of your friends.

suggestion can offers a way for many people to deal with phobias or anxiety. It can also work on poor self-esteem, addictions like alcohol or tobacco, plus a wide range of other issues.

It's worked for people around the world allowing them to build new lives and overcome problems they can’t otherwise handle on their own.

How the NuYu Works

While you might imagine that you are entering a magical sort of trance, the process is actually much simpler and none threatening. But in reality, by the NuYu you're giving your conscious mind permission to relax and let go so you can subconscious mind becomes accessible.

It's true that it can be more difficult for some people to enter this kind of state than others, but just about anyone can do it. In fact, you may even be able to enjoy the benefits of self-hypnosis on your own with little effort.

Once you enter a trace state, your mind is much more relaxed and opened to suggestions.

You now have the ability to tell yourself that smoking or another bad habit is undesirable. This suggestion stays in the subconscious mind even after the trance state has ended which subtly influences your future thoughts and behavior.

This might sound scary or dangerous, but you shouldn't worry. It's not possible to implant any suggestion in your mind that you're truly unwilling to accept.

This means that it's not possible for an unscrupulous person or self-improvement audio program to get you to give up all your money or engage in any other behavior that's outside your nature.

You can only come under the influence of suggestions that you're truly willing to accept such as the instruction to stop enjoying cigarettes.

By implanting these new thought patterns in your subconscious mind when you're in a suggestible state, you make it easier to accept them. Your conscious mind isn't capable of getting in the way.

Rewriting Your Conditioning

The NuYu isn't just the process of giving you new conditioning. It's actually removing and rewriting thought patterns that you might not be aware have and don’t want.

For instance, if you're a heavy smoker you've probably already conditioned yourself to crave cigarettes in particular situations. You’ve formed a pattern of behavior that keeps you smoking.

For example, if you know you always have to smoke when driving or just after a meeting, you've inadvertently conditioned yourself to associate these things with cigarettes. By removing that conditioning and replacing it with a different thought, you free your mind of old patterns and make yourself more open to quit smoking.

You can even replace some of the addictive feelings you get from smoking. For instance, it's possible to use suggestion to make yourself feel relaxed and refreshed in response to some stimulus other than smoking such as clean, fresh air.

Whether it's picturing yourself at peace or simply taking a few minutes to think about your favorite things, you can replace the role of smoking in your subconscious mind.

Self-hypnosis is an excellent way to get an edge and learn to conquer your habit much more easily.

Once you've removed situational associations and replaced the pleasure of smoking with another influence, there's a good chance that you'll find giving up tobacco itself to be much simpler.

Just remember that it's hard to get this right on the first try, especially if you're using suggestion for the first time. It takes time and repetition to successfully implant a new suggestion or thought.

Be willing to take a little time and practice in order to get things right.

Learning to stop smoking through self-hypnosis can really be worthwhile. You'll spend less money, feel better and have improved health.

You might even discover that you feel less stressed. If you're hoping to quit smoking, self-hypnosis might be the key to your success.