Does The NuYu Really Let You Discover New Things About Yourself?

Does the NuYu really let you discover new things about yourself?

Dealing with the subconscious gives you the opportunity to find out new thing things about your personality and feelings. While this might seem magical or mysterious, it’s actually very straightforward.

By investigating your subconscious, you break down the barriers that normally keep you from finding these things out. This gives you the ability to discover hidden motivations or feelings that you normally repress.

Does the NuYu make you easier to influence or suggest in day-to-day life?

While using the NuYu regularly does make it easier to enter a trance state and improves your response to suggestion, it won’t change the way you react normally.

Routine use simply makes the process faster and less difficult, allowing you to get more out of your sessions. It does not increase your suggestibility outside of the trance state, and it doesn’t allow other people to force you into a trance without your consent.

There’s no need to worry that using the NuYu will cause you to become gullible or easier for others to manipulate. In fact, learning how suggestions usually work can help you resist these types of attempts more effectively.

What are some of the possible uses of the NuYu?

There are a number of personality traits and habits you can use the NuYu to address. For instance, if you find that you get angry easily, you can learn to control your anger and become more patient via NuYu suggestions.

This also works to help you improve your impulse control. The NuYu could help you increase your memory, attention span and ability to concentrate. In some cases, it may even be used to relieve physical pain via suggesting that your body “forget” about the pain.

Suggestion is also frequently used to treat addictions such as smoking, though the scientific data on its effectiveness still isn’t conclusive.

How do I know if I'm been in a trace state?

Despite what movies and television may tell you, it’s not always obvious that you have entered a trance state. There’s no such thing as one feeling that indicates you have become more suggestible.

Most people do feel more at peace and relaxed than they do in day-to-day life, however. This experience is a little bit different for everyone; you may feel heavier and more grounded, or light and as though you’re about to float away.

Some people even experience a feeling of distortion or report the sensation of whirling around. There’s no one way to feel if you’re in a trance.

Is changing my bad habits via suggestion really possible?

The idea of using suggestion to change ingrained, difficult-to-change habits may seem unrealistic, especially if you’ve tried in the past and failed. Humans are constantly undergoing change and learning to be different people, however.

That means that you have the potential to be someone entirely different. While there’s no way to magically erase your anxieties, bad habits, emotional problems or other issues, you do have the ability to make a difference.

Positive suggestion, especially when combined with productive habits and other therapies, gives you the ability to make those changes. It allows you to talk to your subconscious without the intercession of all those fears and problems.

It is important to set clear, attainable goals before you begin, however. Ask yourself what you specifically wish to change about yourself and what you hope to get out of the process.

If there are bad habits or behaviors, traumatic past incidents or other negatives you want to treat, ask yourself what you would prefer to replace them with. Having a specific goal makes it much easier to change your life through hypnosis.

Can the power of suggestions make me stronger and more successful?

While there’s no way to change your physical make-up, you can improve your performance and ability to persevere. That’s why many athletes and other people who rely on their physical abilities make use of this kind of practice.
The ability to concentrate better and be more confident in the face of adversity can help you do more, even if it’s not possible to make yourself physically stronger.

Does suggestion work every time?

Like any other type of practice, suggestion comes with no guarantees. Professionals who say that they can cure you of anything or that their procedures work 100 percent of the time are either deluded or lying.

This kind of treatment only works if you have clear goals, are willing to take the time to practice, understand your methods properly, and genuinely want to change.

If any of these factors are missing, you stand a good chance of failure. Even when this type of therapy is successful, it usually takes some time and effort to get it right.

No one can instantly cure himself or herself after entering trance the first time. The human subconscious may be malleable, but it’s hard to shape it perfectly.

By learning more about the power of suggestion and what it can do, you give yourself the tools to make an informed decision. Never base your choice of therapies on rumors, myths or extreme promises.

Instead, take the time to investigate the real potential of suggestion, as well as its limitations. It may take a little while, but it will give you a solid understanding of what you can and can’t achieve. If you’re thinking about giving the NuYu a try, the best thing you can do is work to stay informed and start off with a plan.