Can Suggestions Alone Help You Lose Weight?

Unfortunately, the answer is mostly likely, no. A number of notable studies have shown only a slight reduction in weight, up to six pounds, resulting from weekly sessions with a trained hypnotist. But, even then, the effectiveness is not very good if the hypnosis is not supplemented.

Once-a-week induced relaxation and hypnosis is not deep enough or repetitive enough to be effective. To really lose weight you need to live and create a new reality for yourself. In that new reality you would eat less, refuse extra food, see yourself as slim and be slim.

If that new reality existed you would know it just by looking in the mirror or weighing yourself. At a minimum, you would know it by your self talk and changed behavior. That reality would be with you throughout the day and in your mind as you fell asleep. And, each night as you closed your eyes you would recall your slim self and would recall you thoughts and feeling about being slim. You would go to sleep knowing you were slim. You would “sleep on it.”

When you woke up in the morning you would remember that you are a thin person and that’s how you would act and think throughout the day until the next night when went to bed. And, as you fell asleep you would recalled again that you were a thin person who was fat free and eat small portions. Soon these repeated thoughts and feelings would be so much a part of you, you wouldn’t consciously think about them. You would have permanently changed.

Unfortunately, “seeing is believing” and it’s hard to change what we think of ourselves because we just have to look in the mirror or listen to our own negative self-talk. But there are times when our mind gets fooled or tricked into believing something is real when it isn’t. It happens all the time.

Everyone has experienced seeing a movie or watching the late night news just before going to sleep. Then, during the night, your mind is filled with images and sounds of what you’ve just seen in the movie or on the news. As you fall asleep, your mind has a hard telling what’s real and what’s imagined. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to change how you see yourself.

There is a way. Using the NuYu® light visor right before going to sleep creates a real visual experience. It’s not a visual experience that can be described but there is no question that it is real. It’s so real that your mind will struggle to make some sense of it. That’s the reason you’ll think you are seeing patterns and shapes and colors when it’s only a flashing red light on the other side of your closed eyes.

While the visual part of your mind is grasping for meaning, a flood of positive audio images answers the mind’s demanding question – “What is it? Is it real? What’s real?”

When you finish your NuYu® session and go to sleep, your mind assumes it’s had a real experience. It must have been real since you were seeing something even though you don’t remember what it was, and you were talking to yourself. That’s what makes this a real experience. And, real experiences are what change us.

Day by day your self-talk will change and day by day your behavior will change. You will have changed from the inside out. You will have become a slim person.